Digital Marketing and Advertising

In Shadday777 we design and develop for you the best marketing and advertising strategies to reach your ideal target audience and sell your image, products and services in a more solid and assertive way, come and discover how marketing can give a twist to your business.

Strategy Design

Tener claros los objetivos y como alcanzarlos es una parte fundamental del camino hacia el éxito, nosotros le ayudaremos a tener más clara esa visión y trazaremos los puntos que debe seguir su negocio a la hora de comunicarse.

Marketing Services

When? where? and how? These are key questions for the development of your marketing strategies and with that in mind, we design for you the advertising you need where you need it and when you need it.

Community Manager

Community Manager

Social media, in the right hands, is a powerful publishing tool. We manage your campaigns and facilitate the understanding of your statistics by targeting your project like never before.